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My Top Ten TV Shows of the 90s

Sitting in Costa Coffee last week, a friend of mine cracked a joke about a relationship he had once been in. “We were on a break” he shouted before bursting in to fits of laughter. Of course, we knew this wasn’t an original one liner. It was stolen from what is arguably one of the most famous lines in modern comedy from one of (if not, the) biggest show of the 90s. What followed was a twenty-minute debate about what made Friends so great compared to other shows of the decade.

And so “I got to thinking” what other shows I enjoyed growing up and what would be my top ten TV Shows of the 90s.

(Purely my opinion guys!!)

10) Gladiators featured-classic

You know, the one with leotards, fake tan and terrible overacting-and that was just from the Men. It was the first real Game Show I remember paying any attention to. I loved creating an assault course in the living room, trying not to break every Vase, Lamp and Photo-frame in sight. Gladiators is the starter of my top ten TV Shows of the 90s purely for the happy memories of Saturday nights with my cousins that it gives me.

9) Blind Date

The one that started it all. Long before the likes of First Dates & Take Me Out, the legend that was Cilla Black came in to my home every Saturday Night (along with her Graham of course).  Awkward questions, and cringing answers are the reason this comes in at number nine in my top ten TV shows of the 90s.

8) Vicar of DibleyThe Vicar of Dibley

Yup, I loved Dawn French as the woman in a man’s world in the most bizarre village in England. Now I am slightly bias as Kylie Minogue was a Guest Star which always sits well with me, but the real reason I loved this show was the comedic chemistry between French’s Vicar, Geraldine and her best friend Alice.

7) Murder She Wrote

I LOVED this show. It’s my first memory of a “who done it” kind of TV Show. An amateur sleuth who always just happened to be in the vicinity of a crime (in much the same way as everyone in EastEnders just happens to get a job 2 minutes from home!)

Good old Jessica Fletcher always caught the bad guy and always ended the show with a freeze-frame smile! Plus, it had a killer theme tune (pun totally intended!)

6) Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Who would have guessed that a terribly cheesy movie about a High School Cheerleader fighting the undead whilst falling in love would make such a gripping TV transition?

Long before Kirsten Stewart graced our screens as part of a complicated Human/Vampire love scenario in the Twilight Saga, there was Buffy Summers and Angel. A Romeo and Juliet for the 90s. Throw in some end of the world story-lines, Monster of the Week and some pretty cool fight scenes and you get one fantastic TV.

5) Will & Grace wandg

A show not frightened to tread the fine line of political correctness ALWAYS gets my vote. I felt like Will (I was studying Criminology and Law), I had a Jack best friend (and still do) and I lived with my very own Grace. But it was in my honest opinion, the Karen and Jack show…the laughs just didn’t stop with those two. Lest we forget the long list of supporting characters, especially the long suffering Rosario… comedy gold!

4) Sex in the City

Fierce, Fabulous, Sexy and Sassy…. just four of the words I’d use to describe this series, and that was on a bad episode. For the first time ever (well in my living memory at least) here was a show about four independent women trying to navigate life and love in the modern world. It was a show about Friendship through the good times, the sad times… and quite often the more “adult” times.

Full of shoes, amazing outfits and frequent partial nudity and sexual references, this show is one I wouldn’t advise watching with your Mum and Dad!

3) Absolutely Fabulous

Never has a show been so suitably named. Poking fun at middle-aged woman who refused to accept their time as party girls was over, Absolutely Fabulous is a home grown British Comedy gem from the talented French and Saunders. With guest stars aplenty, Absolutely Fabulous follows the forever dieting Eddie and her former “superstar” BFF Patsy Stone.

Synonymous with the catch-phrase “Sweetie Darling”, Absolutely Fabulous was not frightened to cross the line and use what some would deem offensive & politically incorrect language. Let’s face it, it is funny as hell!

2) The X Files

An iconic show that many have tried to emulate…but none have succeeded. Capitalising on the publics love of the macabre, The X-Files was ground breaking TV. Monsters, Conspiracy theories and Aliens gained the show one of the biggest cult followings in TV history.

My favourite episode was early on in the series, a two-parter about Eugene Tombs, the man who ate the liver of humans in order to hibernate for 30 years. Totally grotesque, I just remember thinking I wanted to join the FBI after watching that episode.

Two Movies later, along with a mini-series earlier this year, The X-Files was almost number one for my Top Ten TV shows of the 90s …. but that goes to…

1) FRIENDS Friends 2

Friends is the hands down winner for me. My all-time favourite TV Show, not just the number 1 of my top ten shows of the 90s

It’s the one show I can watch, on repeat and never get bored of. From the moment the theme tune starts I’m hooked and so was millions of people around the world. Running for 10 fabulously funny years Friends helped put coffee houses on the map!

It had the funniest one liners- usually from Pheobe. It even answered some of life’s big questions, for example, can a human head fit in a turkey?

Even the episode titles were on que-let’s face it, describing an episode is so much easier than remembering some obscure episode title, “The One Where”-marketing genius!

I remember watching the final ever episode…. I was on a date. My first ever one. I said he could take me out as long as we could stop at London’s G-A-Y Bar as they were showing it live in the upstairs bar. Why he didn’t run I don’t know; he also didn’t call me the next day!

Through university, after a few drinks, everyone seemed to have the “which Friends character are you?” conversation- I’m a full blown Monica apparently!

So there you have it. My Top Ten TV Shows of the 90s. Someone recently said to me they feel quite sad that the 90s is now considered Retro. Me? I’m just happy I got to be alive when they were here!

Until next time,


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