- Sugar Rush: 4 Retro Sweets that define starting a business. -

I’ve entitled this musing to you all, Sugar Rush, not because I’ve just eaten a bunch of stock that I really shouldn’t have, but because that’s what the past 4 months have felt like.

(Although there has been the odd sneaking of a Sherbet Fountain I can’t lie)

Yes, setting this business up has literally been like being a Kid in a Sweetshop. I’ve had to make decisions with varying outcomes. Some have been great, like my first ever Flying Saucers. Others have left a slightly more bitter taste in my mouth, like a mouthful of Aniseed Balls. So when deciding what to write without it sounding like a monologue from a Business Studies GCSE teacher, I thought I’d tell you about the sugar rush of the last 4 months by likening it to various retro sweets #simples!

IMPORTANT: I think this is the point where I have to state that all views are my own and that this Sugar Rush experience,  does not represent those of the millions of other Entrepreneurs out there.

Ready? Ok…

The Haribo Jelly Snakes

We’ve all been there. Long colourful sweets that promise a lot of joy. So you eat 1, then another and before you know it you’ve got a tummy ache. That was my first month. Lots of bright and shiny ideas to embrace… like starting 6 Social Media Channels all at once.

Good idea at the time, brutal headache afterwards. So yes, lots of fun but too much of a good thing can sometimes (ONLY for a short period) cause a few pains.Haribo Snakes

Refresher Original Chews

The name says it all. A refreshing month. Sweet with a little sherbet bite. Invitations to the House of Commons-Top Secret at the moment but will tell you all about it soon!! Climbed the ranks of Google-you’ll find us (sometimes) on page 2…type 80s Retro Sweets, we’re there somewhere!! A featurette on www.UKBloggers.co.uk !! So a month full of refreshingly nice sweetness.


Warheads Mega Sours

End of the tax year. Accountants, HMRC and stock take. Mind Blowing, slightly sour, but an extremely sweet feeling once it was all done.

Swizzels Rainbow Drops

Not because of the pot of gold I’ve found…. there’s a whole yellow brick road to walk yet.

Its Rainbow Drops month because there’s a journey going on through running this online sweet shop. There are opportunities I never could have imagined. I really REALLY want to tell you everything now… but there’s a few signatures needed first!!

I’ll be honest, it’s all very unnerving at times, but that’s why you follow the Rainbow right? Because that’s where dreams really do come true (totally the words of Judy Garland #copyrightsign)

So there you have it. My 4 month Sugar Rush. I’m sorry I’ve neglected the blog but with a little help from my Blogging friends, there will be a new post every week.

Next week, we have a surprise Guest Blogger sharing her childhood memories of sweets and treats!

Lolly and I will be back the week after talking all things Birthday Party

(She’s turning the big F-O-U-R)

Keep it Sweet!!

Harry & Lolly


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