- Sisters, Sweets and Vegetarian Marshmallows -

Summer, Sweets and Vegetarian Marshmallows- by Bryony Bowie.

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This week we’re delighted to have Bryony Bowie, the culinary superstar behind Bryony’s Kitchenjoining us at Lolly’s Sweet Treats.

Summer, Sweets and Vegetarian Marshmallows

When I first sat down to write this piece I wasn’t sure what I’d say: I don’t always have the sweetest tooth these days. As I thought about the sweets I greedily devoured as a child, though, I realised how intertwined the sweets themselves were with my childhood memories.

When we were children, my sister and I often used to go to a holiday play scheme during the school holidays, as our Mum was working. We would each be given a shining twenty pence piece – a child’s fortune – to spend at the afternoon tuck shop. I have a vivid memory of sitting on a mat with a dozen other children watching Loony Toons, clutching a Black Jack bar. I adored the sweet, tangy aniseed burst: the sticky hands and black tongue were definitely worth the payoff.

I became a vegetarian aged seven. I’d never eaten meat, and have no memory of missing fish – but when I realised my sweet choices were suddenly limited I was devastated. Proffered bags of Haribo suddenly had to be met with a sad ‘no thanks’, and hot chocolates could no longer be topped with sweet, fluffy marshmallows. For the most part, though, my sweet intake didn’t suffer – I have always loved boiled sweets, so trips to the corner shop would result in a striped paper bag bursting with pear drops, lemon sherbets or barley sugars.

Another sweet-woven memory is of summer camping trips. My sister and I would run around in cut-off jeans and muddy trainers – the ultimate wild children – and were more often than not fuelled by sweets sneakily purchased from the on-site shop with saved pocket money. Our best discovery was lurid yellow tubs of Toxic Waste – just thinking about it now my tongue curls up reflexively. So painfully sour, and yet sweet enough to keep us going back for more, they were often used as a forfeit – the last person to cross the river, or to run up a hill.

The more I think about it, the more I realise my memories of sweets are connected with my family – particularly with my sister. We would, like most children, always try and save some dinner money to buy sweets on the way home from school, and the sure-fire way to cheer her up would always be a Curly Wurly. Mine would be a Sherbet Fountain. We shared packets of Jelly Tots, boxes of Poppets and anything else we could get our hands on.

One Christmas – I think I was about 16, and my sister 14 – we received a joint present. This was something that never happened, so was notable in itself. I don’t remember which of us opened it, but the contents was fantastic: Mum had found vegetarian marshmallows somewhere online. We were thrilled, and hot chocolate was promptly made! They may not be the same as regular marshmallows – not as soft and pillowy – but after a decade-long deprivation I was blissfully happy.Bryony

If reading about Bryony’s childhood memories has brought  a smile to your face and unlocked some of your treasured memories, drop us a line and you could be next months Guest Blog! Info@lollyssweets.co.uk 

So whilst we haven’t got our Vegetarian Marshmallows in just yet…we have taken the time to put all of our Vegetarian Sweets in to one page. (After all no one wants to spend time reading through endless lists of ingredients!)

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