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Farewell Toffee Deluxe…. Hello Honeycomb Crunch; The Best of The Rest in Quality Street

“Farewell to the Toffee Deluxe” arguably the most shocking headline this week…. Even more so than the Brangelina break-up that Jennifer Anniston fans were longing for.

Quality Street

Yes, Quality Street is bidding goodbye to one of its most loved Sweets…the Toffee Deluxe! (Apparently, it found that people didn’t like them because Quality Street now has too many Toffee Sweets)

In its place is the newly announced Honeycomb Crisp. How well will it fair? After all, that’s some big sweet chewy shoes to fill! Not much is known, but I’m guessing it’s a mini Cadbury’s Crunchy!

A family favourite since 1936, Quality Street are easily recognisable in their shiny wrappers. With a mouth-watering aroma that literally jumps down your throat as soon as the lid is removed, or the top ripped open. Quality Street are without a doubt one of the nations most loved selections. So it’s all change over at Quality Street HQ for the first time in years!

In light of that, here’s our run down of the most yummy Quality Street Sweets that can still be found in this year’s Christmas tub!qs2-compressor

1) Strawberry Delight

Ok, so I am biased as I love strawberries full stop. But the Strawberry Delight was always the first to go at Christmas. Fought over by siblings everywhere it seems. Sweet, fruity and a gooey smooth centre.

Toffee Penny

2) Toffee Penny

Here it is. The “other” Toffee Sweet in a tin of Quality Streets. Yes, there is the Toffee Finger too, but this is pure toffee. No chocolate. A round, penny shaped sweet treat in an appropriately Gold Coloured Wrapping. Well worth the jaw ache afterwards!!


3) Coconut Éclair

Loved by only me at Christmas, the Coconut Éclair may hint at being the least bit healthy….due to its fruit based roots. But I assure you, this is far from it. If you love Coconut Mushrooms you’ll love these!

4) The Purple One

So good, it’s the Quality Street favourite that got its own Spin-off, The BIG One! A hazelnut encased in a Chocolate Shell and runny caramel; brought back by popular demand after it was also axed…maybe all is not lost for the Toffee Deluxe after all?

The Purple One

5) Vanilla FudgeVanilla Fudge

I loved the Vanilla Fudge for 2 reasons. Firstly, it comes in a nice shiny pink wrapper. Secondly, it is my Nan’s favourite. For both of these reasons this creamy chocolate treat just has to be included in the top 5 Quality Street sweets.

So there you have it. Sweet dreams to the Toffee Deluxe, you’ve earned a rest. Welcome to the world of Quality Street Sweets to the Honeycomb Crunch.

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