Fizzy Sweets Hamper

Fabulously Fizzy Sweets Hamper

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The Fizzy Sweets Hamper is a tongue teasing, mouthwatering mix of all of the best fizzy and sour retro sweets we could find.


Product Description

A tongue teasing Fizzy Sweets Hamper. A selection of over 1.5kg of pure taste bud tantalising joy. Packed full of all those Childhood favourites that made your face squirm but yet leave you wanting more. Classics like Flying Saucers, Astrobelts and of course those Lemon treats Refreshers. That’s just to name a few.

With each type of sweet packaged in its own cellophane bag and tied with a bow, the Fizzy Sweet Hamper makes a tasty treat for the entire family.

Presented in a Wicker Hamper that can re-used time and again for toys, picnics or even as a gift for someone else. A nostalgic trip awaits you when you purchase our favourite hamper.

Beware though, this is not for the faint of heart. The Fizzy Sweets Hamper is so tasty it’ll blow your mind.

All deliveries are sent via Royal Mail Signed for Delivery. This is a flat rate of £2.99

25 Flying Saucers

3 x Fizz Whizz,

200g Sour Cherries

200g Fizzy Dummies

200g Fizzy Cola Bottles

200g Refreshers

200g Fizzy Fangs

200g Giant Fizzy Strawberries.

10 Astro Belts

Double Dip

Dip Dab

Sherbet Fountain


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