Army and Navy Sweets

Army and Navy Sweets


This traditional boiled sweet is extremely popular in the winter months. Its strong liqourice taste warms the tastbuds on even the coldest of days.


Product Description

Army and Navy Sweets, the iconic old fashioned boiled sweet. Popular in old fashioned sweet shops with generations of people. A shiny black oblong shaped sweet with a distinctive liquorice and herb flavour. The menthol-like soothing effect of Army and Navy sweets makes them a popular choice in winter months, but don’ t forsake them in the warmer months. Remember boiled sweets are for life, not just for winter!

For me these are another one of those sweets that remind me of older members of my family. I’m not sure if it’s because the more mature (careful not to say old!!) persons in my family all seem to have an affiliation with liquorice in my mind. There’s something comforting about smelling Army and Navy Sweets. They take me right back to being young, when certain sweets were only for my Gramps. He had this Red Toyota Van and he kept bags of his favourite Retro Sweets on top of the dash board. It was like a ritual; put your seat belt on and buckle up and he would let me and my cousins choose one sweet each. Those really are happy memories. As they say, it’s the little things in life that can really put a smile on your face.

For me there was always something special about Army and Navy sweets, a bit like Fisherman’s Friends. Because they had a particular job title as part of their title I remember thinking that only people with those careers were allowed them. I was at least 20 before I realised this was not the case. Which is great because it means we can all enjoy Army and Navy sweets for generations to come.

So if you like old fashioned sweets, liquorice and boiled sweets, you simply must try Army and Navy sweets. If you want to know more, why not check out the history of Army and Navy Sweets? Like you strong flavoured retro sweets? We kindly suggest giving Aniseed Balls a try, another boiled sweet everyone should experience!

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