80s Retro Sweets

80s Retro Sweets Gift Bucket


A collection of the BEST mouthwatering 80s Retro Sweets going. We’ve swapped the little paper bag for a lovely aluminium pail that makes a great Ice Bucket (wine not included).

Includes all of your favourites; Refreshers, Wham Bars, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Parma Violets and much much more. As the song states….”Sweet Dreams are Made of These”….


Product Description

Each 80s Retro Sweets Gift Bucket is full of all your tuck shop childhood favourites. The most loved 80s Retro Sweets, including Refreshers, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Wham Bars and Drumstick Lollies.

Presented in an aluminium gift bucket, excellent for using  around the home once the sweets are gone (FYI It makes a great Wine Cooler #justsaying) They are also perfect pencil holders if you have young children and of course…. a fabulous alternative to a traditional sweetie jar.

The 80s is the era that really springs to mind when I think of Retro Sweets. So this collection is a personal favourite of mine which I hope you also enjoy. P.S. If you need a reminder- here are 10 of the best things from the 80s.

Personalising the 80s Retro Sweets Gift Bucket;

Now when putting this selection together it wasn’t like Catchphrase where we surveyed the audience, or a random selection of people in the street. We asked some real sweet lovers (conveniently over over 20) what were their favourite sweets as a child. So, if you’re favourite 80s Retro Sweets aren’t featured in this collection we’re happy to replace the ones that are with the ones you want!

Pop an email to us sales@lollyssweets.co.uk along with your order number and we’ll make sure you’re gift bucket is as unique as the nostalgic sweet memories you have.

Free Gift Wrapping;

The 80s Retro Sweets Bucket is lovingly Gift Wrapped in Cellophane and tied with coloured String.


All deliveries are sent via Royal Mail Signed for Delivery. This is a flat rate of £2.99

Refreshers (100g)

Anglo Bubbly (100g)

Fizzy Cola Bottles (100g)

Fruit Salads (100g)

Black Jacks (100g)

Foam Shrimps (100g)

Baby Bananas (100g)

Double Dip

Sherbet Fountain

Flump Marshmallow

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