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60s Retro Sweets Gift Bucket


A taste of the swinging 60s all in one place.


Product Description

All of the best 60s Retro Sweets in one fantastic gift. We have searched and forged for the best 60s Retro Sweets and packaged them in to one sweet gift. Rhubarb and Custards, those chewy mints they call Humbugs. Sherbet Foundations, Parma Violets and many more

In an era that gave us “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” … the passing of JFK and Marilyn Monroe in that iconic white dress, isn’t it about time we remembered all the sweet love that was going on too. It was an era that thrived on change and some of the more “celebrated” or socially acceptable things are crazy by today’s standards…check out 19 insane things that were acceptable in the 60s

The 60s Retro Sweets Gift Bucket is a unique gift for all ages. Relive the nostalgia of a loved ones younger days. Of course, don’t forget the bubbly. The Gift Bucket makes an excellent Wine Cooler once the sweets are unwrapped!

Personalising the 60s Retro Sweets Gift Bucket;

Now when putting this selection together it wasn’t like Catchphrase where we surveyed the audience, or a random selection of people in the street. We asked some real sweet lovers (conveniently over over 40) what their favourite sweets were as a child.

So, if you’re favourite 60s Retro Sweets aren’t featured in this collection we’re happy to replace the ones that are with the ones you want!

Pop an email to us sales@lollyssweets.co.uk along with your order number and we’ll make sure your gift bucket is as unique as the nostalgic sweet memories you have.

Free Gift Wrapping;

The 60s Retro Sweets Bucket is lovingly Gift Wrapped in Cellophane and tied with coloured String.


All deliveries are sent via Royal Mail Signed for Delivery. This is a flat rate of £2.99

2 x Sherbet Fountain

200g Rhubarb and Custards

100g Liquorice Comfits

100g Liquorice Allsorts

1 xLarge Parma Violets

1x Large Love Hearts

100g Humbugs

100g Everton Mints

100g Toffee BonBons

100g Strawberry BonBons

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