- Vegetarian Sweets -

All your favourite Vegetarian Sweets from our ever growing selection of Retro Sweets can be found here.

So many of our customers said they were fed up of having to spend ages looking through various websites. Checking each of their favourite treats to find that the ingredients used were not suitable. “It’s frustrating” we were told many a time, so we’ve removed the fuss and done the checking for you.

 No one wants to waste their time, if it’s Vegetarian Sweets you want, then look no further! From your Lemon Sherbets to Chocolate Limes. If it’s Retro Chocolate you can’t get enough of, we’re pleased to say that Chocolate Fish and Chips along with Chocolate Jazzles are also suitable for Vegetarians.

I was pleasantly surprised that so many of our 80s Retro Sweets also fall under the category Vegetarian Sweets including classics like the Double Lollies and Double Dips!

Lolly's Sweets