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All of your favourite Retro Chocolate Sweets are available to buy and enjoy all over again.

Call yourself Charlie and imagine your very own chocolate factory with our deliciously tasty, creamy collection of treats. As much as we love our chewy Retro Sweets and Old Fashioned Boiled Sweets, it is after all, Lolly’s demand for chocolate that was the driving force behind our little online sweet shop!

From Dad’s favourite Chocolate Tools. To the ever popular Chocolate Fish and Chips.

We’ve tracked down the most popular Retro Chocolate Sweets of the past 40 years- Well, the one’s that are still out there for us to find!! If like us there are many more that just aren’t available any more, can we suggest this little gem of a blog; 28 Retro Chocolate Bars that need to be brought back IMMEDIATELY!

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