- Fizzy Sweets and Sour Sweets -

Fizzy Sweets and their Sour Sweets cousins are what I could only describe as our secret favourites. Our little guilty pleasures.

We all know our initial reaction can be to pull a face when we eagerly eat Fizzy Sweets. Laugh through the tears in front of friends in the playground. Often I remember saying ” I can’t eat no more “, but like a dirty little secret I’d stash them away because the truth is we LOVE the sensations and tastes that Fizzy Sweets offer! Like our popular Fizzy Fangs and  Fizzy Cola Bottles

Then there’s the really Sour Sweets. The ones that give you a  tingly tongue sensation when you pop one in your mouth. The brave among us then try and push limits and pop one or two more in  (we’ve all got THAT friend! )

The sweets that make you screw your face like a cats you know what! You know the ones….your eyes start to water. Your tongue starts to throb. But more than anything the mouthwatering flavour is so moreish you just can’t help but want more! Well we have those sour sweets too just like our Sour Apple Sweets and our taste bud teasing Sour Dummies

We stock a huge range of Fizzy Sweets and Sour Sweets starting at £2.50.

Don’t forget all of our prices include free Gift Wrapping and same day dispatch if you order  by 2pm.

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