- Chewy Sweets and Bubblegum -

Chewy Sweets are define some of the most popular Retro Sweets in the world. They marked the next phase in Childhood for me.

I’m sure you know that I mean; as a toddler I was allowed Chocolate, pretty harmless, melt in the mouth kind of Retro Sweets.

Chewy Sweets were deemed suitable once I was a little older. A pre-courser to Boiled Sweets.

Everything from the  brightly wrapped likes of Refresher Original Chews and Fruit Salad Sweets to gummy sweets like Haribo Snake Sweets were the Retro Sweets of choice after school on many occasions. They were the ones often referred to as Penny Sweets of Pick’n’Mix. The Cola Bottles, the Haribo Fried Eggs and who can forget the much loved Jelly Spogs and Black Jacks Sweets.

Don’t forget if you love your chewy sweets but prefer them to be free of gelatine we’ve grouped our Vegetarian Sweets together to save you time browsing!!

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