- Boiled Sweets -

Boiled Sweets the tasty, crunchy retro sweet favourite. Found in Old Fashioned Sweet Shops for over 100 years, there really is a flavour for everyone. If you like a fruity treat then maybe Rosy Apples are for you? Some people like a mint, so Everton Mints or Humbugs are definitely the choice for you. If you’re looking for mouthwatering sharp treat, then Lemon Sherbets are the one for you. The list really could go on; sweet, sour, aniseed. There really  is a Boiled Sweet for everyone. If we haven’t got the one for you yet, let us know. We’re constantly adding new lines to our ever growing selection.

Boiled Sweets always remind me of the Sweet Factory scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang….“Toot Sweets, Toot Sweets”. Growing up I also remember Boiled Sweets being for “Grown-Ups” only. My nan had a jar, that was kept on the top shelf, bless, she didn’t think I was clever enough to simply stand on a chair!

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