- 80s Retro Sweets -

Get your groove on with our growing range of 80s Retro Sweets.  

Maybe I’m bias as an 80s Baby, but it was the best decade ever! The music was cheesy and camp,  Fashion was fun, and the Sweets the best British Sweet Shops had ever seen.

We all remember that feeling of leaving school and running to the nearest shop. Grabbing a little white paper bag. Heading to the pick and mix jars. With eyes bigger than our bellies we would grab at a selection of our favourite sweet treats! Those were the days!!

From Sherbet filled Refreshers,  to tongue teasing Wham Bars,  super sour Fizzy Cola Bottles, and mouthwatering Fruit Salad Sweets. How many people must have given first playground crush a packet of Love Hearts

They tasted great, they were all sorts of bright colours. From Tuck Shops to Corner Shops, 80s Retro Sweets still mean so much to so many!

The range of 80s Retro Sweets is always growing here at Lolly’s Sweet Treats making them available to enjoy all over again.

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