- 70s Sweets -

70s Sweets ;  tasty, colourful and dare I say it some of the most memorable….What else would you expect from the era of the Disco Divas? 

With Kids TV Shows like Rainbow is it any wonder the likes of  Liquorice ComfitsFlying Saucers, and Sherbet Pips caught our innocent little eyes?

If you grew up in the decade when School Tuck Shops really thrived, you’ll remember just however powerful 70s Sweets could make you in the playground;  Kola Kubes and Sweet Tobacco were like real currency!

Now of course some of our 70s Retro Sweets could be classed as 80s Retro Sweets or even 60s Sweets... so we’ve split them up based on our memories. If you think we’ve missed something please do let us know!

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