- 60s Sweets -

Reminisce about the swinging 60s with our fabulous range of 60s Sweets. It was the decade when rationing was truly over and sugar was in high supply.

Shelves of large glass jars. Sweets of every colour of the rainbow. Rhubarbs and Custards, Gobstoppers and Pear Drops to name a few. 60s Sweets were and still are some of the most colourful going. We all remember Liquorice Comfits don’t we?

One thing I’ve found since I started Lolly’s Sweet Treats is that most Retro Sweets can be traced back way beyond the past 50 years. So, to make it easier for you to shop on our site I actually asked people of various ages what their favourite sweets were. So if you’re favourite Sweet Treat isn’t here, do be sure to check out our 70s Sweets and 80s Retro Sweets too.

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