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Love your Retro Sweets? Here it is…your one stop Tuck Shop!

All of your favourites from the past 40 years can be found here. Whether you love your 80s Sweets 70s Sweets , Boiled Sweets or Fizzy Sweets and Sour Sweets, we have Retro Sweets to excite people of all ages. Take a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane and indulge in your childhood favourite Retro Sweets.

Re-live the joy of the School Tuck Shop, the secret stash your Nan kept for when you visited, or that one time you may have eaten a few too many!

From Aniseed Balls to Fruit Salads Sweets, we’re constantly updating our range of old fashioned sweets and treats in our New Sweets section.

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