- Retro Sweet Jars -

Retro Sweet Jars make a great gift for all of your friends and loved ones. Because who doesn’t like a jar of sweets all to themselves (Not that we don’t advocate sharing lol)

Our yummy Retro Sweet Jars are filled with an array of old fashioned sweets that are sure to please even the sweetest tooth.

We know that one sweet doesn’t fit all. So we’ve created a range of Retro Sweet collections, from Sweets of the 80s, to our popular Boiled Sweets variety mix. Or perhaps there’s that one special sweet that you just can’t get enough of; If that’s the case you can always buy a whole jar of that tuck shop classic that still brings a smile to your face.

Authentically packaged in a variety of vintage sweet jars, at Lolly’s Sweet Treats we pride ourselves on arousing your nostalgic senses not only through taste but by the all round feel of the Gift you are giving. From Old Fashioned Milk Bottles (because do you really want a plastic tub), to Mason Jars and beautifully ornate shaped glass jars.

All of our Retro Sweet Jars are friends of the environment. They can be re-used as anything from Vases to Cocktail Glasses or even a place to store those odd pennies….perfect for saving for more of your pick and mix favourites.

Lolly's Sweets