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How to write about a Retro Sweet shop….where do I start?

Hi, nice to meet you…no too formal, not natural enough.

All about me and my Retro Sweet Shop? Sure, that’s original!

A little bit about running a Retro Sweet Shop a.k.a Lolly’s Sweet Treats… #holdspillowoverface


Those were honestly some of the openers I thought of using for this, my first post on my new blog, to you lovely readers-of which I hope there is at least 2 or I should have just written Dear Reader…

This is the type of second guessing that has ruled my life since March 2014 when the idea for Lolly’s Sweet Treats first come about and I decided to open a Retro Sweet Shop. So I’m just going to write and see where this ends up going and hope that you stick with me to the end.

My name is Harry O’Reilly and I am the owner and founder of Lolly’s Sweet Treats; London’s newest Retro Sweet Shop. Though I work alone it is, what I guess, does fall under the umbrella of a Family Business. It was after all my cousin’s daughter Lola-Dolly a.k.a Lolly who inspired me to give this a go and it’s my mum and sister who have supported me over the past 10 months. For anyone wondering, Lola is the niece to whom the title refers (hey it’s easier than explaining our biological relationship!!)

You see one day, Lola wouldn’t eat anything but chocolate. A problem I found funny-but one that her mum did not. You see, Lola, like many children had been introduced to sweet treats such as chocolate buttons and seemingly made it her life’s mission to seek out such delicacies whenever possible. Now the problem was Lola didn’t want to eat anything else. In the room was my mum and Aunt who were quick to tell us (in a slight know it all manner!) that my cousin, sister and I had all gone through the same phase when we were young. And so a conversation about Chocolate begun; this turned to quips about the sweets my mum and Aunt liked when they were younger; Strawberry Laces, Lemon Sherbets, Rosy Apples, Black Jacks……the list went on. Then we started talking about my Grandad, or “Gramps” as we all called him. He drove a red van and whenever we climbed in the smell of Aniseed Twists, Koff Candy and Mint Humbugs overpowered us. Now Gramps is no longer with us, but how great it was being able to laugh and talk about him all because of a memory about a sweet.

Who would have guessed…a nostalgic trip down memory lane all because of sweets, now referred to as Retro Sweets-admittedly making me feel slightly old! But that’s how it all started. I was not in full time employment so I contacted The Princes Trust who were amazing. They put me on their Enterprise Program. An amazing 1 year program with workshops covering everything from setting up a business to Search Engine Optimisation (basically how to make sure people can find your website!) . I was also assigned to a Business Mentor who was able to guide me turning my new found knowledge in to what is now my Retro Sweet Shop.  After a bit of Business Plan writing, product testing (which was as FUN as it sounds) and website developing Lolly’s Sweet Treats launched in December 2015! I’ll be writing more about the program in a later blog post for those who want to know a bit more!

Over the next year our range of Retro Sweets, American Candy and Gifts is set to grow. We’ll be introducing Candy Buffets which are great for all occasions; Favours for Wedding, Baby Showers, Mitzvahs you name it we’ll have the perfect Sweet Treats for your special occasions. For those with dietary requirements, we’ll have some Halal Sweets, Sugar Free Sweets and Gluten Sweets too! I’ll be talking through here about all things Sweet, telling you all about Lolly’s adventures as she starts school and pretty much everything else that seems interesting (hopefully).

For those just starting out in running their own business I’ll most likely comment on what works, what doesn’t along with any problems I come across.

Thanks for reading and staying with me this far

Speak soon!

Harry & Lolly


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