- 7 Things I loved in May -

7 Things I loved in May

May was a busy month at Lolly’s. We launched our new line of Sweet Jars both online and in-store at the Prince’s Trust’s Tomorrow Store in the City of London. We also received an invite to trade in London’s Covent Garden Market so it’s been an exciting time for us!

Maybe I’d be forgiven if I wrote a post about all the great things that are happening, spoke at length about business and made this something more of a Press Release.

But what would be the point? Whilst working is a big part of my life (more so because I was unable to work for 2 years) it’s not the only thing in my life.

I have hobbies. I have TV Shows that I love. I live in one of the busiest, liveliest cities in the world. I have friends and family that I adore and the company of whom I love. So I decided to write about 7 things I loved in May, because sometimes I don’t pause to appreciate all the smaller things in life that happen day to day that I really do love…

1. Afternoon Tea at the British Museum

Tea at the British Library

So in May, I had a friend visiting from New York. She wanted to do the whole tourist thing, you know, the photo with a Red Phone Box. Visit China Town. The Lions in Trafalgar Square. And then she mentioned a Museum and traditional Afternoon Tea. To be honest I had never done either of the last two. Living in London I take most of these things for granted so I thought Why Not?

Off we went to to The British Museum. A cave of wonders in a beautiful building that’s free to enjoy (although we did oblige to the voluntary £5 donation they suggest). I always loved history at school so it was nice to be cultural and take a look at some of the fantastic pieces the museum is home to! (My favourite was the area dedicated to Ancient Greece).

Then we climbed the winding stairway as if we was walking up to the heavens and enjoyed a delicious Afternoon Tea in the Great Court Restaurant. Complete with Rose Lemonade, Lemon and Ginger Tea, Scones, Clotted Cream, Finger Sandwiches and much much more it was made an all round fun afternoon! Good Company, good food and a good price! 7 things I loved in May


2. Heart Print Toilet Roll

Yes, random and a bizarre things to feature on a post about 7 things I loved in May. But please bare with me…..

I was having a morning coffee with a close friend of mine, who was telling me about her foray in to Potty Training. Her beautiful little baby, is now a toddler and growing up. She’d stocked up on knickers and was a little anxious as to how her little girl would take to it. Then I remembered something random thing I had seen in Tiger Stores, a shop I am totally loving right now. Toilet Roll with love hearts on it. A single novelty pack, in a plastic tub.

My thought was, if she made this a special treat for using the toilet it might be a way of encouraging her….and it did! After just 48 hours she had mastered one of those milestones we all go through in early years!

3.Marks and Spencer’s Birthday Card
Card 1

I loved this card from Marks and Spencer’s. It was given to a friend for her 30-soCard 2mething birthday….and I quickly set to work decorating it, taking control and acting like the big kid I am. Perfect for all those school parties the little ones go to, or good fun for the young at heart no matter their real age!

Big thumbs up from me as we go on to the next of the 7 things I loved in May……


4. Brief spell of Sunshine

Number 4 of the 7 things I loved is sooooo British. Any excuse to kick the boots off and put the flip flops on! With the BBQ firing away, the Paddling Pool out (for the kids I swear), a Jug of Pimms for everyone else and an iced-coffee for me! It was just the one Sunday but was great to relax and catch up with the family!

5. Lola’s 4th Birthday

7 ThingsSo our little Lolly turned the big 4 years old in May. It’s gone so quickly…it doesn’t seem too long ago I was holding her in the hospital in her little lemon outfit. Now she’s a chatty, pretty and polite lover of all things Disney, Pepper Pig and of course sweets!

It was a great little party and made even more special as my Nan was there-Lola’s Great-Nan so we had 4 generations of the family together. The Bouncy Castle was out, there was of a Birthday Cake, Sausage Rolls, Mini Sliders and even a homemade Lasagne for the adults. I love any opportunity to get us all together, after all Lolly’s Sweet Treats is a family operated business!!

6. Daredevil- The TV Series.

I’m a little late to the party on this one….but I do love me some Marvel and I’m all for Box Sets and Netflix. The sixth of the 7 things I loved in May is a darker take on the terrible Ben Affleck movie. Much more aligned to the Comics, this is a series I could really get my teeth in to. The perfect mix of mystery and action! I’m not a comic book lover as such, but Marvel have really inspired the little boy in me with their action packed movies and TV shows. (It helps with a little bit  of eye candy too).

7. The HoneyPot Children’s Charity.The HoneyPot Charity

The last of the 7 thing I loved in May is the amazing work that the HoneyPot Charity do. Providing help and support to young people who care for unwell parents and siblings, I’m pleased to say that they are our chosen charity of the year. I’ll have some big announcements coming soon with much more information about the amazing work this small charity does so for now just a little mention before the big reveal coming soon!

So there you have it, 7 things I loved in May. Looking back on it, there was no lightening bolt moments, or lottery wins, there was just a collection of 7 things I loved that made the month of May a good one! As they say, it’s the little things that count!

Until next week…..#Keepitsweet xx

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