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Christmas Conversation: 7 Fun Facts About Christmas

We’ve all been there. The presents are open, the Turkey has been eaten  and the bad cracker jokes have run out of steam. Mum and Dad are asleep and you’re left with the awkward relative with nothing to say.

So last week, whilst sitting filling up a large order of Mini Milk Bottles, I decided to google “Fun Facts about Christmas” (for no other reason than having something new to talk about between Christmas Dinner and Eastenders on the big day).

What I discovered were some strange but true (mostly) facts about Christmas. As it’s the season of giving, I thought I just had to share my findings with all of you!

Enjoy xx Lolly’s

7 Fun Facts About Christmas

1) KFC is popular in Japan on Christmas Day.kfc-christmas

Yes. I kid you not. No turkey, potatoes and more veg than you can humanly consume on Christmas Day. Japan swap their roasted delights for some deep-fried treats. An odd Christmas tradition you may say, but Japan is not a country that traditionally celebrates the festive holiday. Back in the 70s, KFC caught on to the fact that people were eating their finger lickin’ good Chicken and so launched a Christmas Menu. Since then it’s estimated that over 3 million people tuck in to the Colonel’s secret recipe chicken. So many, that pre-booking is now mandatory!

Source: The Independant

2) The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree*.

Every year growing up, my Mum would take us out in her London Black Taxi and drive us through London’s West End to look at theTrafalgar Square Christmas Tree Christmas lights on Oxford Street and Regent Street. The grand finale being the massive Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square.

Tall and so beautiful with all of its twinkling lights. I always wondered where it came from.

Well now I know. It’s been a tradition since 1947 for the city of Oslo to donate the tree as thanks for the British help during World War Two.

3) Candy Canes**

Shaped like a Shepherd’s crook, in honour of those that travelled to see Baby Jesus, these popular Christmas Sweets were created to keep children quiet.

Worried about the noise the choir boys would make through the Nativity Story, a Choir Master created Candy Canes to keep them silent throughout the service. A lovely story but sadly it may be just that. For the earliest record for Candy Canes can be found in Germany over 250 years ago. Originally they were Peppermint Candy Canes, just like the ones we sell!
Peppermint Candy Canes

4) Robins on Christmas Cards*

A familiar site in Greeting Card shops up and down the High Street, the pretty little Robin Red Breast is a regular one on Christmas Cards.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was because it’s a lovely wintery image. That’s what I thought anyway. The truth is, that many years ago Postman in their little red tunics were nicknames Robins, so putting them on greeting cards was more of an inside joke!

5) Three Wise Men? Says who?*

Another myth was that there was only 3 wise men. I didn’t find where this came from, but what I did find out was that the Bible doesn’t state this. It refers only to “Wise Men”.

6) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinder- D.O.B. 1938*

In living memory (mine at least), Santa’s nineth Reindeer, Rudolph has been using his glowing nose to lead the way. With songs, films, chocolates (along with our very own Rudolph the Reindeers), dedicated to the much loved Christmas character, I was surprised to find out he wasn’t created until 1938.img_4586-compressor

Bless Rudolph. He’s still a relatively young Reindeer compared to Father Christmas himself. He was born in 1938, the product of an American company’s Christmas promotion. There was me thinking his mythology was as old as St Nick himself!

7) Chocolate Coins*White Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Coins are as much associated with Christmas as the Turkey. The reason we have them at Christmas? It’s in honour of St. Nick, who used to hand bags of coins out to the poor.

So don’t forget to grab your Chocolate Coins!!

There you have it, 7 fun facts about Christmas for you to share over a Mince Pie and a glass of your favourite tipple! (Ok, so you probably wont, but at least you’ve learnt something new today….hopefully!!)

Sources: *www.Mirror.co.uk, **www.whychristmas.com

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